Without a car to Tugboat Beach

Transfer Tugboat Beach

Without a car to Tugboat Beach that initially seems difficult because there are no buses to Tugboat Beach. Since we find it very important that everyone can go to Tugboat Beach for snorkeling and diving at Tugboat, we have arranged a transfer for you.

You can easily make an appointment with us through Taxi Max to come and relax with us.

At our Tugboat Beach Bar you can enjoy cold drinks and a snack so you don't have to think about anything. Enjoy the wonderful beach beds that stand here and take a dip every now and then to cool off.

Do you want Taxi Max to pick you up later in the day? We definitely recommend this because you can do a great BBQ. We prepare everything for you and so you can have a nice BBQ on Tugboat Beach!

Taxi Max als transfer

As mentioned above, we work together with Taxi Max as a transfer to Tugboat Beach. We chose this taxi company because he has many positive reviews and we have been working with him for years.

So we know from experience that he is a reliable partner and that he meets his agreements. One of the most important reasons is that he has all taxi documents in his possession, which means that we can say with certainty that he has arranged everything properly.

In addition, he does not charge high prices, making it fun for everyone to ride with him. During this taxi ride he can also tell you a lot about the island and this makes it interesting for you to take a taxi with him.

He knows the island well so you can go anywhere with Taxi Max and of course to Tugboat Beach where we are waiting for you for a super nice day!

Taxi Max

Diving at Tugboat

"If you're able to breathe, You're able to dive"

How do you get to Tugboat Beach?

Tugboat Beach is hidden in the east of Curaçao. It is a small bay along the coast and you have a lot to see here. You have a view of Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantine house.

We are happy to take you to these beautiful and special places and can tell you something about the history of these places. Because Tugboat Beach is a bit hidden among nature, you can't see it from the road. Fortunately Taxi Max knows where Tugboat Beach is and can take you here safely.

Taxi naar Tugboat Beach Curacao

There are no buses in this area, so you depend on your own transport or Taxi Max to take you there. Do you still want to come with your own car? We have handy directions made for you so that you arrive at Tugboat Beach quickly and easily.

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