How to get to Tugboat Beach.

Tugboat Beach is located in an idyllic spot, so it is helpful to read the directions in advance.

The route to Tugboat

Through the app, you can easily type in Tugboat and then the navigation will lead you to it. Should you not have this at your disposal, you can take the following route:

From Willemstad, drive east to Salina. From Salina, drive up the Caracas Bay Road. Drive the Caracas Bay Road all the way until you come to a traffic circle at the end of the road. Here take the second exit and continue straight ahead.

Then you will see a turn left where a sign says “Windsurfing & Paddleboarding. Turn into this road. Drive straight until you can take a right turn, turn into this road. At the end of this road there will be a fork and keep left here. Follow this road until you come to a T-junction, where you turn right. You only have to drive 30 meters straight ahead and you will see a large ship in the water. Here you can park your car and see the Tugboat Beach Bar on your left!