Tugboat beach Bar

Relaxing after swimming

Tugboat Beach Bar has become a thriving and popular beach spot for locals and tourists alike.

Every day many divers and snorkelers come here to see Tugboat. This provides a lot of fun together!

You can order tasty cooling drinks with a snack with us. Lie down on our comfortable beach beds and the always-service-with-a-smile, this is the real Caribbean life.

Enjoy the delicious food and drinks, the atmosphere, go snorkeling or relax on the beach.

BBQing at Tugboat Beach Bar

Did you know you can have a great BBQ on the beach with us? We have large BBQ stand where we prepare delicious chicken for you or other types of meat.

For example, do you want to throw a party or just romantically enjoy a BBQ with your partner on the beach with the setting sun? We at Tugboat Beach Bar just take care of this for you!

Tugboat Beach Bar is a unique seaside bar located in southeastern Curaçao near Caracas Bay. At Tugboat Beach Bar, you’ll see that we use everything from nature. You really imagine yourself in a completely different world. Almost everything is made of natural materials and the animals here live together in harmony. It’s a living room idea but on the beach!

Relaxing in Curacao

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Visit Tugboat Beach Bar

Tugboat Beach Bar is an elegant and unique venue where you can spend the whole day with the family, have a snack or just relax with friends while enjoying a chilled drink.

Tugboat Beach Bar is open every day of the week and in the morning we just have the coffee waiting for you. Enjoy a lazy day at the beach and let us pamper you!

Would you like to come over soon and have a nice BBQ on the beach? Nice! Do make reservations in advance so we can arrange the food for you and your party. You can easily book by filling out the reservation form. See you soon!