Snorkeling at Tugboat Beach

Hiking & Snorkeling

There is an awful lot to do at Tugboat Beach and the surrounding area. To not miss anything of this area, we have put together a nice day package for you. Together we will then go out for a day and show you the most fun and special places around Tugboat Beach.

Of course, we will start with something to drink, coffee or tea, after which we will hike together. If you sit at Tugboat Beach Bar you can already see the quarantine building where we go, among other things. In addition, we will visit the extraordinary Fort Beekenburg where you will have a phenomenal view.

This day is really about culture but also nature. You will find at Tugboat Beach, of course, a variety of animal species all cared for by us. We think nature is very important and you will definitely find this at Tugboat Beach Bar. You must have experienced this day with us before your vacation is over!


  • Coffee, tea and a bottle of water
  • Snorkel sets
  • Professional guide

Snorkeling at Tugboat

Tugboat Beach, of course, is known for Tugboat itself. This is one of Curaçao’s popular snorkeling and diving spots. Anyone who enjoys snorkeling or diving must have been here. You can see the special underwater world very well because the water is very clear. So if you can’t dive, don’t worry because Tugboat can also be seen while snorkeling!

We will take you to special spots at Tugboat Beach where you can often see special fish and animals underwater. This will allow you to experience uniqueness and come home with beautiful and special stories!

Didn’t bring any snorkeling gear to Curaçao? Then you can just borrow this from us. This is convenient because then you don’t have to bring this yourself.

Hiking at Fort Beekenburg and Quarantine building

One of the most unique buildings on Curaçao reflecting history are Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantine building.

We are going to walk with you to these two places. It is within walking distance of the Tugboat Beach Bar and we can tell you a lot about the flora and fauna we encounter along the way. Once you arrive at the buildings, we will tell you all the information about these buildings and what used to take place here.

At Fort Beekenburg, you can still see the cannons and you can walk through the entire Fort. This building leaves nothing to its imagination and you have a wonderful view of the sea here.

The Quarantine Building is a special building which used to be an infirmary. You can still partially enter this building and through the stories here you can really create an imagination of what happened here.

Would you also like to see all of this with your own eyes? Then book right away for this fun yet educational day and we look forward to seeing you soon at Tugboat Beach Bar!

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