Day package

Hiking & Snorkeling

After a relaxing cup of coffee or tea, you will join us for a hike through the beautiful countryside where we will end up at Fort Beekenburg and the Quarantine Building.

Both are a real must-see during your stay in Curaçao.

After this fun hike, we headed back to Tugboat Beach for snorkeling. Hereby we show you the most beautiful coral. Then we snorkeled on to Tugboat.


  • Coffee, tea and a bottle of water
  • Snorkel sets
  • Professional guide

Fort Beekenburg

Fort Beekenburg was built in 1703 on Curaçao at Caracas Bay to defend Spanish Water.

Caracas Bay with Spanish Water behind it were one of the few suitable places to land from the sea. Therefore, it was decided to build a fort to make it impossible for enemies to reach Willemstad.

Quarantine Building

In 1874, the area of Caracas Bay was designated a quarantine station for ships carrying infectious disease. A hospital was set up in the garrison buildings near the fort for sick sailors.

Further south, at the corner of the bay, the observation facility for sailors was built in 1883; the Quarantine Building. The sailors had to stay here until it was determined that they were not infected.

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