Snorkel & Hike Tour Curacao

Fort Beekenburg & the Quarantine Building

Around 1703, Fort Beekenburg was built on the peninsula. A nearly pristine fort which is of great historical significance. Not only because it is still in its original state but also because, among others, the Curaçaoan Pedro Luis Brion was its commander and fought a battle with an English invasion army there in 1805. So you will find at the Fort many history which is still intact. The Fort is well maintained and you can walk in and around the Fort.

Until the mid-19th century, Fort Beekenburg was a military post. Diseases on board used to be a normal occurrence. There was also no doctor or professional present at the time who could properly treat the sick. Therefore, In 1874, the area of Caracas Bay was designated a quarantine station for ships carrying infectious disease. Near the Fort a hospital was built, we also visit it during the walk.

South, at the corner of the bay, the observation facility for healthy sailors was built in 1883; the Quarantine Building. The sailors had to stay here until it was determined that they were not infected.

Snorkeling at Tugboat Beach

After we have had a wonderful walk, it is of course time to cool off and we do just that at Tugboat Beach. We will give you a snorkel kit and then you can go snorkeling to the popular Tugboat. This boat is within swimming distance from the shore and the clear water allows you to admire Tugboat well from the surface of the water. You can meet many new people here because snorkelers and divers come to Tugboat Beach every day.

Besides Tugboat, you have many other great places to snorkel here. You will find special fish as well as other unique species. Think iguanas, crabs and octopuses!

Are you with children? This is not a problem at Tugboat Beach as the water slowly deepens. So children can play in the water and romp on the beach.

Why book the day package?

For anyone who wants to have a super fun and educational day should really book this tour with us. We can tell you all about the bay but also about the buildings scattered here. In addition, we are working on a coral project that we also want to tell you a little bit about.

At the beginning of the day we start with a coffee and tea after which the day’s program begins! When we are back from the hike and you have cooled down, you can enjoy a delicious snack and drink at Tugboat Beach Bar.

Want to make your day complete? Then book your own BBQ with us. We will set everything up for you and you can end your day with a BBQ on the beach!


  • Coffee, tea and a bottle of water
  • Snorkel sets
  • Professional guide

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