Souvenir making Curaçao

Own souvenir

Curaçao, of course, we know for its azure sea, beautiful beaches and fun parties.

However, Curaçao is more, Curaçao lovers have long known. In Curaçao, artists are inspired and this produces very beautiful murals and works of art.

And how nice is it that in Curaçao you can make your own souvenir?

Souvenir Making Tugboat Beach

Everywhere you walk through the shopping streets you see those cute and cheerful signs with text on them. It often says “Bon Bini” or something similar. Tourists buy these signs en masse to take home. How nice to find a piece of Curaçao back in your home!

We think it would be even more fun if you could make your own such a plate to take home. So you can completely decide what kind of text you want on it and what colors match your interior. But it is also a very nice way to surprise your friends and family. It’s something different from a picture frame or a standard souvenir.

At Tugboat Beach, we have several pieces of driftwood laid out for you. The paint and a local artist can help you design a fun painting on the driftwood. Don’t have any inspiration yet? No problem because we have lots of signs hanging here and beautiful artwork so you can definitely get inspiration here.

Enjoying Curacao

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Driftwood painting

For only $20 per person, you can paint your unique floating sign. We have arranged everything for this. You don’t need to bring anything else either, because we you can order drinks and a snack with us. An afternoon of souvenir making on Curaçao at Tugboat Beach can be perfectly combined with a day at the beach. Need a break or cool down? Then dive into the sea and snorkel to Tugboat!

Driftwood painting is a fun activity during your stay in Curaçao and you can truly amaze your family and friends with this unique and personalized souvenir. Would you like to join us for an afternoon of painting? Nice! You are most welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon at Tugboat Beach!