Tugboat Curaçao

Tugboat Curacao

What is Tugboat?

Tugboat literally means "Tugboat" and is one of the most famous and popular diving locations on Curaçao. This small wreck is named after the tugboat that was sunk by accident about 30 years ago.

The wreck is about five meters below the water, what is making it the perfect snorkel and dive spot. Because the water at Tugboat is very clear, you can see it well when you snorkel.

Snorkeling and diving at Tugboat Beach

Every day many divers and snorkelers go to Tugboat Beach to view Tugboat.

This makes it always very pleasant at Tugboat Beach, because you meet a lot of new people. From the moment you enter the water, you can immediately put on your snorkel because there is so much to see here.

Snorkelen Tugboat Curacao

On the right side of Tugboat Beach you have a dock station where usually a large ship is stationed for maintenance. The dock area on the right and the bay itself have spread a lot of industrial waste, such as a large chain, a huge anchor, destroyed old docks and poles and other things.

Here you can also go snorkeling and diving. Because these objects have been around there for years, it has become part of the habitat of the fish here.

Snorkeling on Curaçao

Discover our beautiful underwater world

Swim to Tugboat

When you go into the water at Tugboat Beach, you see a number of steel buoys in the sea. Just beyond these buoys lies Tugboat.

It is about 50 meters swimming from the coast. This swim towards it is already a special experience, but once you arrive at Tugboat you will be amazed!

The boat almost rises on the surface of the water. The top of the tugboat is only five meters away. With the sunlight shining through the water, you can see the wreck even better and the schools of fish swim through the windows and doors of the wreck, Tugboat is an enchanting discovery!

Zwemmen bij Tugboat

The fish here are fairly used to divers and snorkelers, so they do not immediately swim away when you come close. This allows you to view the fish well and, for example, collect unique images. But not only fish swim here. You will also find here for example Buisalen and Octopussen!

Tugboat Beach Bar

Tugboat Beachbar

After this beautiful snorkeling adventure it's time for a nice drink at the Tugboat Beachbar. We are happy to be here for you and during the drink you can enjoy the beautiful art around you. We try to use as many natural materials as possible, which gives a unique look and feel.

Do you also not want to miss this unique experience? Then we look forward to see you at Tugboat Beach soon!

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